US Nativist Political Party Flag

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By Crusader1307

This somewhat “bigoted” political Party of The United States was formed in Louisiana in 1841. They espoused the philosophy of utter distrust of any person or idea of a foreign origin. Defiantly “Pro- American”, they posed a real threat as an “independent” Party for possible advancement of a Presidential Candidate. The “Nativist” hated Irish Catholic Immigrants (and were responsible for much crime and murder directed against them). They also formed many “Anti-Chinese Leagues” throughout America. They had the audacity to use The American National Flag as their “banner” of choice. They modified it by placing a full colored Federal Eagle in the upper left Canton. In the center of the traditional red and white stripes they stitched their Party phrase “NATIVE AMERICANS BEWARE OF FOREIGN INFLUENCE”. Developing a “bad name” for themselves by 1855, they renamed the group “”The American Party”. They fell apart due to internal issues by 1860.