US National Flag (35-Star)

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By Crusader1307

The United States National Colors have undergone many changes since it's creation. Almost as soon as South Carolina seceded from The Union in 1860, it was evident that other Southern States would join the growing Confederacy. By 1861, 13 States had left The Union. A "new" National Colors was quickly manufactured. There were at the time MANY "Patriotic" versions self produced that were touted as "official". The 35-Star Flag was the only one authorized for use by Congress. A standard Flag of 7-Red Stripes with 6-White ones positioned in the Field (representing The 13 Original Colonies). In the Upper Left Canton (a Blue Field), was presented with only 35-Stars. The 13-States in Rebellion were removed. This version not only flew through the War, but was retained until 1870. States re-admitted into The Union traditionally had to wait until the 1st of the year to have their Star re-included. Congress authorized the flying of the Pre-War Flag of 48-States at that time.