US Model 1917 Enfield .306 Caliber Rifle

  • World War I
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By Crusader1307

The Enfield Model 1917 Rifle was the primary weapon issued to US Servicemen during World War I. The Model 1917 was a .30-06 Caliber, shoulder fired weapon. Weighing 9-pounds (11 with Bayonet and full ammunition load), The Model 1917 had an effective range of 600 yards (using a fully copper jacketed ball round). Bolt action, the weapon held a 6 round clip magazine.


The Model 1917 (although replaced after World War I), would still see use up to and including The Vietnam War in the early 1960s. The weapon had a reputation for reliability and incredible stopping power. The Model 1917 was designed to use the 8 and 12-inch Bayonet.