US Model 1795 .69 Caliber Musket

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By Crusader1307

The Model 1795 Musket was the predominate US rifle/musket from 1795 to the late 1830s. It continued in modified forms (percussion), well into The American Civil War (especially by Confederate forces short on weapons). The Model 1795 was a .69 caliber round lead ball/shot weapon. It was a Flintlock-classification of weapon weighing 10-pounds and was roughly 60-inches long. Equipped to fit a Socket or Spike Bayonet, The Model 1795 had a variable effective range of 75 to 100 yards (with some reports of up to 200 yards documented). Built by The Springfield Armory, these models were the direct competition to The Harper's Ferry Model (begining to become popular at the end of the Century). It is estimated that some 150,000 Model 1795s were built.