US MIN-3 ''Ajax'' Missile

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By Crusader1307

Touted as The World’s first operational Surface To Air Missile, The US MIN-3 “Ajax” was first deployed in 1954 to counter high-level Enemy Bombers traveling at sub-sonic speed. The “Ajax” could achieve a deployment height of 50 to 70,000-feet. The Class was so effective, that it remained in use in some Regions of The World until the 1970s. The MIN-3 was also identified as a “SAM” (Surface To Air Missile, often assuming that Title over it’s “Ajax” moniker). It would also become one of the first Missiles used in The Nike Missile Defense System used in both The Continental US and Europe. Weighing 3,000-pounds, The NIM-3 was a solid fuel, twin staged Rocket which was 35-feet long with a diameter of 15-inches. It had a 30-mile operational range. It used 50-inch stabilization Wings and could achieve Mach 2.25 (well over 1,000-mph). Deployment through The US and Europe was by underground Launch facilities (although plans were briefly considered for Mobile capabilities). A typical “Ajax” Battery consisted of (16) such Missiles. Launch to targeting took 15-minutes. The MIN-3 used Ground to Air Radar Guidance. Many of America’s future Surface To Air Missile Programs were based on The “Ajax”.