US Military World War II Victory Medal

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By Crusader1307

Similar in design to America's World War I Victory Medal, The 2nd World War version was approved for issuance by The Congress of the United States in July, 1945 (a month before War with Japan ended). Interestingly, the actual Medal had not yet been created and the Award waso simply a Ribbon. The Medal Award would be finished in 1946. The Medal was authorized for all US Armed Forces Members of all Branches, who served from December 7th 1941 to December 31, 1946. The Medal front shows an engraving of "Standing Liberty", with the inscription "World War II". The reverse had the inscriptions of "The Four Freedoms". These are "Freedom from Fear, Want, Speech and Religion". A Palm Leaf was added with the further inscription "World War II 1941-1945". The Clothing Ribbon consisted of 13 multi-colored Stripes (Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Red - with Red being the dominate color scheme).