US Military World War II Campaign Medal

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By Crusader1307

The US World War II Campaign Medal, was an Award created by US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1942. It was given to any US Armed Forces Member who served in any Theater of War that The United States was involved in, during World War II. The Medal was made retroactive from December 7th, 1941 with the last date of issue being December 31, 1946. Originally, The Campaign "Medal" itself had not yet been designed. Only the Ribbon was issued. The Medal was not finished until 1948. The Device front features an engraving of a Submarine, Aircraft Bomber and Warship. A series of Fortifications are also pictured. The inscription "American Campaign" was also inscribed.


The reverse of The Medal, had an American Eagle in profile. The inscription "United States of America 1941-1945", was placed. The cloth Ribbon was multi-colored and consisted of 15 Stripes of Light Blue, White, Red and Black. The White, Red and Black motif was in deference to the coloring of The National Defense Ribbon (the precursor to The National Defense Medal of the 1950s).