US MGR-3 ''Little John'' Missile

  • Cold War
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By Crusader1307

The ''Little John'' was a US Army, field deployed crew served Rocket Systems first deployed in 1955. A vehicle towed System, The MGR-3 used a variety of short ranged Missiles. The ''Little John' also was among the first field deployed Army Missile Systems to used a fin rotational method to increase spin of the Missile in-flight to increase accuracy.


The ''Little John'' was first deployed to US Forces in Japan, but was never sent to European Units of The US Army. The MGR-3 was envisioned as not only an anti-personnel and structure asset weapon, but could be deployed as an early tactical nuclear weapon which could deploy between (1) and (10) MT warhead devices. As such ''Little John'' was among the first Nuclear deterrents placed in ''Occupied'' Japan.


The MGR-4 was massed with Artillery Units, which maintained special Missile Batteries of the devices. Between 8 to 12 Crewmen were needed to deploy and launch ''Little John''. The MGR-3 remained in US inventory until 1969, with several even deployed to South Vietnam.