US MGR-1 ''Honest John'' Missile System

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By Crusader1307

Seen as America’s first Nuclear capable Surface to Air Missile, the “Honest John” was first deployed in 1953 towards the end of The Korean War. They were first deployed to Europe (1954) with the origins of the name “Honest John” coming from Project Manager General Holger Tofty having met a local Texas Rancher who when asked his name identified himself as “Honest John, The Farmer”. (3) Transport Vehicles were specially designed to withstand the weight and launch of The Missile. Various launchers were also designed to accommodate The MGR-1. Weighing 6,000-pounds, The MGR-1 was 25-feet long and 30-inches in diameter. Capable of deploying a 20-Kiloton Nuclear Warhead (low yield), The “Honest John” had a 16-mile range and could travel 300-mph. It was a single staged, solid fueled weapon. Many NATO Allied deployed both The Mobile and Fixed MGR-1 in Europe between 1954 and 1966. It became one of the most recognized Surface To Air Missiles used during the early Cold War Era. The last “Honest John” System was deactivated in Canada in 1977.