US MGM-18 ''Lacrosse'' Missile

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By Crusader1307

An early Cold War Surface To Air Missile Defense System developed for use by The US Army in 1959, The “Lacrosse” was a Vehicle Launched Weapons Systems. Originally, The MGM-18 was intended for use by The US Marines. They passed on prototypes and The Army picked it up. Weighing nearly 2,000-pounds, The MGM-18 was 20-feet long and 20-inches in diameter. It had a relatively short operational range of 12-miles. It could support either a Conventional or Nuclear Warhead of over 500-pounds. They were intended as a tactical battlefield device (against advancing Ground Forces) or for attacking low-level Enemy Bombers. A solid fueled, single staged device, 9-foot stabilization wings assisted in maintain altitude. Guidance was accomplished via Radio Control. A Battery of “Lacrosse” consisted of (4) Launching Trucks with a total of 20 Soldiers. However, The “Lacrosse” Program had issues with misfires and Guidance. Far too many to re-develop the program. By 1964, most MGM-14s had been retired from Service.