US MGM 134-A ''Midgetman'' ICBM

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By Crusader1307

The MGM 134-A, or known better as The ''Midgetman'', was to be a small yet Mobile (small) Intercontinental Missile System, developed by The US Air Force for deployment late in The Cold War Era (1945-1991). The United States never fully embraced a Mobile Missile Defense System (as did The Soviet Union and later Russian Federation). Begun in 1980, the initial theory was to produce a nominal yield Nuclear Device which would be deployed AFTER any or all primary silo launched weapons were either ''lost'' due to Enemy attack or previously used. In short, The MGM 134-A was a ''Weapon of Last Resort'' or 2nd Salvo Attack Theory. Plans to develop a tracked (wheeled, etc) mobile vehicle system which would be secretly stored in mountain caves etc. was theorized. The deployment of such, would allow the United States to fire up to a planned 4,000 ICBM weapons (each having a 6,100 yard range). These weapons would be deployed throughout The County. The MGM 134-A (prototype), was a 30,000-pound Rocket roughly 47-feet long. Overall blast yield rate was between 300 and 400-KT. Using both solid and liquid fuel systems, The ''Midgetman'' Plan would be canceled with the collapse of The Soviet Union in the 1990s, the overall reliance of silo based ICBMs.