US McDonnell-Douglas F/A 18 ''Hornet'' Fighter Jet

  • Cold War
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By Crusader1307

Developed late in The Cold War (1974), The US McDonnell-Douglas F/A-18 ''Hornet''' was a supersonic, all-weather, land and carrier-based Fighter Jet. While an Air to Air ''Fighter'' variations were produced to make The ''Hornet'' an effective Air to Ground Craft Fighter as well. The F/A-18 was marketed to The US Navy and marine Corps. as a primary Fighter.


First deployed in Combat over Libya in 1986, The ''Hornet'' was a long lasting and effective Fighter than would continue thru The Gulf War of 2003. Variations are still in production today – and in use by not only The US, but other Foreign Air Forces.


A non-swept Wing configuration design of 40-feet, The F/A-18 is 60-feet long. Crewed by (2), they are powered by (2) GE F404 afterburning turbojet Engine, capable of producing 11,000-IBF Thrust each. Rated airspeed is Mach 1.8 (1,900-mph). The operational ceiling for the ''Hornet'' is 50,000-feet.


Armament varies greatly, but includes – (1) 20mm ''Vulcan'' Cannon and deployment packages of 2,75-inch Air to Air Rockets or Missiles. These Missile assets ranged from the standard AIM-9 ''Sidewinder'' and various ''Stand Off'' Classes of controlled Ordnance. The F/A-18 is also rated to deploy Tactical Nuclear weapons.