US MC-1 Chemical Bomb

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By Crusader1307

The MC-1 was a mass produced and deployed US Chemical weapon munition, first developed and deployed during The Cold War. US Naval and Air Force Assets controlled their usage, if required. The primary Chemical used in The MC-1 was Sarin Nerve Gas. The Munition was designed for deployment by The US F-4 ''Phantom'' Interceptor. These were the first maintained and stored Chemical weapons by The US Military. While speculated to have been used in the previously discussed Cold War Military Test known as ''Project 112'', the official deployment plan involved the event that The United States was physically invaded by a Hostile Force, The MC-1 Munition would be deployed on ''American Soil''. No actual combat usage of The MC-1 had been recorded, with all being destroyed in 2006. The MC-q weighed 750-pounds and was 6-feet in length (with a diameter of 16-inches). Weight of it's Chemical Warhead was 220-pounds. They were noted for their completely White painting (identifying the munition as a Chemical weapon).