US Martin Model 167 ''Maryland'' Light Bomber

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By Crusader1307

The US Produced Martin Model 167 ''Maryland'', was a Light Bomber and Ground Support Bomber which was deployed by The US Army in 1940. With the start of American involvement (1941), the majority would be shipped to both France and England for formal usage. Over 450 Models were made. The Model 167 saw use in North Africa primarily. It was actually a Model 167 that ''spotted'' The German Battleship ''Bismarck'', leading to the re-direct of the British Fleet to intercept Her. Crewed by (3), The Model 167 was 47-feet long with a wingspan of 62-feet. Power came from (2) Pratt & Whitney ''Wasp'' Radial Engines, capable of producing 1,050-HP each. Rate to 300-mph (airspeed), The Model 167 had a 30,000-foot Operational Ceiling. It could range to 1,300-miles. The Type could support 2,000-lbs. of Ordnance with Defensive capabilities of (6) Machine Guns (Front, Fuselage and Rea4r Mounted). These Calibers varied, but 7.7mm was most popular with French and British deployments.