US Martin 187 ''Baltimore'' Light Bomber

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By Crusader1307

Deployed in 1941, The Martin 187 ''Baltimore'' was a ''workhorse'' Light Attack Bomber of The Mediterranean Theater, during World War II, It would later (1944) become popular with Allied Forces in The Middle East. The ''Baltimore'' (although US Produced) was NOT used by US Forces – but exported to Great Britain and Her Commonwealth. Most would be discontinued or turned over to Civilian usage in 1947. The ''Baltimore'' Crewed (4). They were 50-feet in length with a wingspan of 60-feet. Powered by (2) Wright GR-2600 Radial Engines, they produced 1,700-HP each. The rated airspeed of The 187 was 300-mph. Their Mission range was rated at 980-miles with an operational ceiling of 11,600-feet. A ''Light'' Bomber capable of ''Close Ground'' Support usage, armament included (4) .30 Caliber Browning (wing mounted) Machine Guns, (4) of the same in The Dorsal, Turret and Side Fuselage. They could also support up to 2,000-pounds of Ordnance. A formidable ''Light Bomber'', over 1,500 were produced.