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By Crusader1307

The United States Marshal Service is the oldest Federal Law Enforcement Agency in The Nation, having been created by then US President George Washington. The primary mission of The Marshal Service was the enforcement of Federal Law as it related to The US Courts System. Marshal's were responsible for enforcing Federal Warrants and apprehending wanted criminals by Federal Courts. The Marshal Service became more well known during the expansion of The American Western Frontier. They were tasked with Law Enforcement duties in US Territories, prior to that Territory becoming a State. While some ''territorial'' Cities hired their own Law Enforcement (Sheriff), many were assigned a Federal Marshal. He had jurisdiction – not only in local enforcement, but also many hundreds of miles of territorial land. Today, The Marshal Service operates as primary Fugitive Recovery for wanted Felons and the protection of Federal Court Property (although much of this work is usually outsourced). Most major US Cities have a Marshal's Office. The Service did not have it's own Colors until the 1960s, when The US Department of Justice (it's parent Organization), authorized it's creation. Originally a Gray Field in it's entirety – the Field was Changed to Blue in the 1969. Centered on the Field is the Marshal's traditional 5-pointed ''Federal Star'' Badge. A Federal Eagle in full color is placed over. Set in a circle of Black, gold wording which surmounts The Star in a Gold Band which reads ''DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE - UNITED STATES MARSHAL'' with it's establishment date of ''1789''. (13) White Stars representing the original Thirteen Colonies is also present within the Crest. The Agency Motto of '' JUSTICE, INTEGRITY, SERVICE'' is also present.