US Mark 55 ''Pelican'' Bomb

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By Crusader1307

Developed towards the end of World War II by The US Military, the Mark 55 – nicknamed The ''Pelican'' Bomb (for it's unganely appearance, much like the Pelican Bird), was a ''special munitions'' ordnance. Considered a semi-active radar guided bomb, The Mark 55 was targeted to The US Navy. The weapon was initially launched from Medium Bombers and would go active or self flying upon being dropped (deployed). It was controlled by a Crewman inside the platform aircraft. The aircraft would maintain a target radar signature on it's target (electronic), by which the Mark 55 would ''home in''. The ''painting'' of the target had to be maintained (else The Mark 55 would not arm). Typically, The ''Pelican'' was a 1,000 to 1,500-pound device which was 15-feet long with stabilization side wings measuring 5-feet. With more emphasis being placed into the development of The Manhattan Project (America's Atomic Weapons Program), most ''special projects'' such as The Pelican Bomb were cancelled or discontinued.