US M-8 ''Greyhound'' Armored Car

  • Armored Fighting Vehicle
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By Crusader1307

The M-8 ''Greyhound'' Armored Car was a widely produced Military armored Car manufactured by the Ford Motor Company of The US. Over 12,000 M-8 and it's variants were created for use by the US and it's Allies during World War II. Some Models were still in use by some Countries as late as 2006 – a testament to a well made Combat Vehicle. The ''Greyhound'' weighed 7-tons and was 16-feet long with a width of 8-feet. It supported (4) Soldiers. The M-8 used a Hercules JXD-6, 6-cylinder Gas Engine. This was capable of 55-mph. The handling of The ''Greyhound'' was superior to many comparable vehicles. The Vehicle was semi enclosed. The M-8 used a 37mm Main Gun which was supported by (1) .30 Caliber Machine Gun and (1) .50 Caliber Machine Gun. Produced ceased in 1945.