US M-73 7.62mm Machine Gun

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By Crusader1307

Developed for Armored Vehicle usage in 1959, The US M-73 was a Chain operated, gas propelled 7.62mm Machine Gun. It was a common fixture with several US Battle Tanks, such as The ''Patton'' and M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle. It also saw limited service with The ''Sheridan'' Airborne Assault Vehicle. Cursed with constant misfires and jamming issues, The M-73 saw very limited service in the years years of The Vietnam War. In addition to Armor use, a short-lived tripod mounted version was also developed for The Infantry. Regulated as a ''training weapon'', The M-73 would be discontinued for service in 1977. Weighing 28-lbs, The M-73 had a maximum rate of fire of 500-rpm (Belt Fed). Maximum effective range was rated at 4,000-yards.