US M72 66mm AT Rocket

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By Crusader1307

Known as The “LAW” Rocket, The M72 was a light-weight, shoulder fired, Anti-Tank weapon. Deployed by The US Army in Vietnam on 1963, it’s initial design went back to 1958. The M72 was seen as a replacement to heavier or bulkier single and Crew served Recoiless Rifles and Guns. The general deployment of The LAW was seen as giving every Soldier the ability to be a potential “Tank Killer”, capable of being able to carry 4 such Devices. The M72 was made of a fiberglass Tube with an extendable steel shank. The Act of physical extension armed the weapon. The M72 weighed 5.5-pounds and was 25-inches in length (collapsed) and 35-inches extended. A retractable Front Tangent Sight and a Rear Peep Sight were installed. The LAW Rocket itself was a 66mm chemical fueled explosive. It activated 33-feet from launch and detonated at point of impact. The maximum effective range of The M72 was 660-feet. The Rocket (which was a High Explosive Anti-Tank Round), could penetrate 8-inches of steel, 2-feet of concrete or 5-feet of soil. Due to the compact and easily constructed design, after one shot, The LAW was supposed to be destroyed (by smashing). This made it a “disposable” weapon. Firing was achieved by depressing a center mounted rubber “trigger bar”. When depressed, The Rocket launched. The M72 was highly effective against Tanks or Light Armor.  It was used against Enemy Tunnels complexes, weapon caches and fortifications as well. Used throughout The War, The M72 was slatted to be replaced in the 21st Century, but is still in Inventory. The weapon was exported to many Foreign Armies throughout The World.