US M7 Parson ''Knuckle Knife''

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By Crusader1307

Seen as a “throwback” weapon, The Parsons Knuckle Knife, hardened back to the Trench Warfare of World War I. Erroneously named The M-7, it’s story is unique. Many Cutlery Makers were competing for Government Contracts in the early 1960s, to supply The Army with fighting and survival knives. The small Kentucky Knife Makers, Parson Cutlery put their version into consideration. The clever Knife was designed in part on the then current Bayonet issue for The M-16 Rifle, The M-7. Using this blade, it was sharpened on both sides of the blade, making it double-edged. The blade was 7-inches long.  A machined Brass Knuckle Grip with fitted finger holes, was attached. The Knife for all purposes was identical to the Trench Knives used in World War I. Although The Government did not award a Contract, like so many others – permission to sell the knife in Military Stores was given. Although not as popular in Vietnam as some, The Parson Knife still saw some action. A common complaint was it’s weight, a close to 3-pounds – it was too heavy for and effective Fighting Knife. By 1968, they had all but disappeared from use.