US M48 ''Patton'' Tank

  • Armored Fighting Vehicle
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By Crusader1307

Deployed in 1958 as a replacement to The M-4 “Sherman” Tank of World War II, The “Patton” was the primary Tank deployed to Vietnam. A superior Tank, it fell prey to the Jungle terrain of Southeast Asia  (which was little suited to Armored Operations). Despite it’s limitations, The M-48 was still proven effective in the few Urban Pacification Operations it was used in (The Siege of The City of Hue being a classical example).  There were no Tank vs Tank engagements during The Vietnam War, but The M-48 was often used in various “static” Gun deployments, very much as Artillery. This Tactic was very effective at The Siege of Khe Sahn in 1968. By 1969 however, a majority of M-48s were turned over to The South Vietnamese Army (ARVN), as America switched it’s battle tactics to primarily Air Cavalry supported by Aerial bombing. The M-48 was 45-foot and 30-feet long. 10-feet tall and 12-feet wide, it was a dual tracked, 7-support wheeled vehicle. It was powered by Twin Diesel Engines that supported a Torsion Bar suspension. The M-48 was capable of a top speed of 30-mph. Crewed by 4, the Main Armament was a 90mm Main Gun with a 2,500 yard range. It was supported by a .50 Cal. Browning Heavy Barrel Machine Gun and smaller .30 Cal. Machine Gun. The “Patton” remained in US Inventory until 1990. It was exported as a Main Battle Tank to many other Nation’s Army, and is still in Service.