US M3 ''Grant'' & "Lee'' Tank

  • Armored Fighting Vehicle
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By Crusader1307

The unique "naming" of The M-3 Tank is sometimes confusing. Designed in America and designated The "Lee" (after American Civil War Confederate General Robert E. Lee), large numbers were produced for Great Britain's War effort. The United Kingdom opted to rename the Tank The "Grant" (after Lee's Union adversary, General US Grant). The most notable difference between the two, was that The "Lee" featured a cast steel and iron Turret, with an external Radio Communications array. "Grant's" featured a steel composite Turret with internal Radio array. First deployed in 1942, The M-3 was a 30-ton, 18-foot long armored vehicles that featured between 38 and 51 mm of plate armor. Capable of land speeds of 26 mpg, The M-3 mounted both a 75mm Main Gun and a secondary 37mm Cannon. In addition, it had .30-06 Browning Machine Gun. It could crew 7-men. Both The "Grant" and "Lee" saw extensive combat service in North Africa against German Field Marshall Irwin Rommel and his vaunted "Africa Corps." Although production of The M-3 Tank ceased in 1943, due to better and stronger Battle Tanks, over 6,700 saw service in both War Theaters. Many would remain in Foreign Armies well into the 1960s.