US M3 Fighitng Knife

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By Crusader1307

Designed from lessons learned in the trenches of World War I, The US developed The M-3 Fighting Knife, for issue to it's Military. Based in part on the British F-S Fighting Blade, the initial issue of The M-3 was to US Soldiers who were not issued bayonets (non-combat arms). First deployed in 1943, The M-3 had a 6.75-inch, single-edged blade. The handle was wooden and grooved. To diminish blade shine, The M-3 was blued or parkerized. The M-3 was carried in a riveted leather scabbard. It was also carried by The USMC, Special Operations Units and was a favorite of Army Pilots as a self-defense weapon. By 1944, the knife was standard issue to US Army Paratroopers. Although general production ceased on late 1944, The M-3 would continue in use well into the 1960s.