US M1918 Steam Tank

  • Armored Fighting Vehicle
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By Crusader1307

An innovative weapon first tested in 1918, The Steam Tank was first conceived as a tracked vehicle, with a later design which would feature three wheels. The principle use of The Steam Tank was to deploy a flame projecting (Thrower) weapon, for use against enemy trenches. The weapon used a caustic substance which required Developers to incorporate a steam powered engine propulsion engine for safety. The flame weapon was operated by a 35 HP engine capable of creating 1,000 pounds of forced pressure. When ignited, the weapon gas a 90 yard range. The Steam Tank also deployed four .30 cal. Machine Guns and crewed 4 men. Weighing 50 tons, The Steam Tank was layered in 1/2 inch Armor plating. It wad capable if battlefield speeds of 4 mph. Only two Steam Tanks were made  (one prototype and one production Model). The War ended before they could be deployed. However the idea of the "Flamethrower Tank" was born out of The Steam Tank.