US M1917 Bayonet

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By Crusader1307

One of the first "Modern " Rifle Bayonets developed and the last of the "Sword Bayonets" used by The US Army, The Model 1917 was affixed to The US M-1 Enfield Rifle. It was also able to be attached to a variety of Shotguns. With America's late involvement in World War w, they had ample opportunity to study that new "horror" of Modern Battle known as "Trench Warfare". Such engagements showed that brutal hand to hand, close quarters fighting created innovative and deadly weapons as a result.  The Model 1917 was designed to be used at the end of a Soldiers Rifle or, he could use it very much as a Short Sword. The blade was 17-inches long with a 1.5 to 2-inches width. Single edged, it was not uncommon for Soldiers to sharpen both sides or "notch" The blade with "teeth" (serrated). The Bayonet "Ring", was a circular piece of metal on the hand grip of The Bayonet. The slipped over and onto the Rifle barrel. a fitted slit also on the Bayonet handle, guided the blade onto a "Bayonet Lug", which locked the blade in place for stability. They were also adopted for use on several Military Shotguns. With 100,000 produced into the 1920s, The US Government had a surplus, so The Model 1817 was used in great quantities during World War II. In fact, they would be issued and used in The Korean War and early 1966. By 1969 however, The Model 1917 was finally replaced.