US M1841 ''Mississippi'' Rifle

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By Crusader1307

Another iconic rifle from US History, the “so-called” Mississippi Rifle was a mainstay for Infantry and Militia Forces during The Mexican War of the 1840s. As a popular “backwoods” rifle in The State of Mississippi, most Militia and Regiments raised for The War used this rifle. The rifle fired various calibers (from .54 to .58 Caliber) – making it desirable. It's “legend” centers around future Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Having resigned his position as Senator in Washington (to raise and lead a Regiment from Mississippi), he named his Unit “The Mississippi Rifles”. So accurate were his Sharpshooters in The War, that their fame (and that of the rifle grew). It was considered one of the best weapons of The Era. Although originally a Flintlock weapon, The US Government converted many thousands into Percussion versions. Having an effective range of up to 1,000 yards, The Mississippi Rifle would continued to be seen up to (and including) – The American Civil War (in Confederate service). Of note, the original prototype for the weapon was developed by Cotton Gin inventor – Eli Whitney!