US M102 105mm Light Howitzer

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By Crusader1307

The M02 105mm Howitzer was a Towed (Light) Artillery Gun – deployed by The US Army in 1964. The long lasting artillery piece is still used by Rapid Deployment Forces even today. An effective Light weapon, it first served during the early years of The Vietnam War (1965-1975). Later, The M102 was deployed to the many Middle Eastern Conflicts America was involved in (1990s forward).Towed into battle by a 2-Ton Utility Truck, The M102 was crewed by (8) Soldiers. Using the standard 105mm Round (in various ammunition types such as High Explosive, Smoke and Phosphorus Rounds) – The M102 weighs close to 4,000-pounds with a 21-foot Barrel length. Capable of a maximum elevation of 75 degrees, The M102 trained Crew could fire up to (10) round per minute. The rated maximum effective range was 9-miles (with an enhanced rocket deployment package) or a standard range of 7-miles.