US Lockheed-Martin A-4AR ''Fightinghawk'' Jet

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By Crusader1307

The US Lockheed-Martin A-4AR ''Fightinghawk'' was a low-produced, Attack Fighter Jet, introduced inn 1997. It was not accepted for Contract by The US Government, rather marketed for and to The Argentine Air Force. The Fighter, named ''Fightinghawk'' in honor of it's association with The F-16 ''Fighting Falcon'' and A-4 ''Skyhawk'' (from which much of it's avionics systems were based from). Crewed by (2), The A-4AR is 40-feet long with a wingspan of 15-feet. Power is provided by (1) Pratt and Whitney J52 Turbojet, capable of producing 11,200-IBF (Thrust). Speed is rated to 670-mph with an operational ceiling of 12,000-feet. Mission range is 2,000-miles. Armament includes (2) 20mm Cannon, (2) AIM-9 ''Sidewinder'' AA Missiles and the ability to deploy 9,000-lbs of various munitions.