US Lockheed TV2 ''Sea Star'' Jet Trainer

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By Crusader1307

The US Lockheed TV2 ''Sea Star'' was a Carrier based, Jet Fighter Trainer Plane, introduced in 1957. They Class would remain in US Naval Training Inventory until 1970. All Carrier Pilots during this period flew The ''Sea Star''. Over 150 Production Models were deployed with Naval Fleets. Their long service life was due to their exceptional ability to withstand sea salt and humidity. Crewed by (2), The TV2 was 38-feet long with a wingspan of 43-feet. Powered by a Single Allison J33 Turbojet Engine, The ''Sea Star'' could achieve 6,100 IBF of Thrust and an airspeed of 580-mph. Operational Ceiling was rated at 40,000-feet.