US Lockheed PV-1 ''Ventura'' Medium Bomber

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By Crusader1307

The US Lockheed PV-1 ''Ventura'' (aka ''Harpoon'' and ''Lexington'') was a Class of Medium Bomber used during World War II. Designed to be used in the early day of Europe's ''Air War'' , The PV-1 was deployed in 1941 to Great Britain. Over (200) Productions Models were made. The Bomber was used until more permanent Forward Bombing Bases could be built. As such longer ranged Bombers were used, with The ''Ventura'' being discontinued in 1944 (although several European Nations still flew them until 1946) – as Coastal Patrol Planes. Crewed by (6) The PV-1 was 50-feet in length with a 65-foot wingspan. Power came from (2) Pratt and Whitney Radial Engines – each producing 2,000-HP. The ''Ventura'' could achieve an airspeed of over 300-mph. Operational Range was over 1,6000miles and The PV-1 could reach 26,000-feet. Armament included (4) .50 Caliber Machine Guns, (2) .30 Caliber Machine Guns and the ability to support 3,000-lbs of Ordnance, (6) 325-lb. Depth Charges or (1) Torpedo.