US Lockheed F-94 ''Starfire'' Fighter Jet

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By Crusader1307

The first ''All-Weather, Jet Fighter'' to be used in Combat (The Korean War), The Lockheed F-94 ''Starfire'' was also the first US Jet to use an ''afterburning'' System for increased propulsion. First flown in 1949, The F-94 would remain in US inventory until 1959. Designed to combat Soviet Tupolev Bombers, The ''Starfire'' was actually a modified version of The ''Shooting Star'' Jet Fighter. Also somewhat effective against North Korean (Soviet) MIGs, The F-94 suffered at slower speeds. This was a concern which would regulate them to only 1 year of combat service, with the rest being used within The Continental US (Air National Guard) – until retired in 1959. Piloted by (1), The F-94 was 45-feet in length with a wingspan of 43-feet. Powered by (2) Pratt and Whitney J48, The ''Starfire'' produced over 6,300-IBF Thrust and achieved an airspeed of Mach .84. Mission range was over 1,200-miles with an operational ceiling of 51,000-feet. Armament included (24) 2.75-inch underwing mounted (Pod) Air to Air Missiles.