US Johnson 57mm Rifle

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By Crusader1307

Designed by Gunmaker Melvin Johnson, his self-named Rifle The “Johnson”, was in direct competition with The Gerand Arms M1 Rifle (which would become the primary Infantry weapon of American Forces during World War II and The Korean War). A superior recoil system which reduced jams, The Johnson faced problems when a Soldier thrust the attached bayonet. Accidental discharges were common place. This was a major issue with The US Army. That coupled with Gerand’s “connections” within Government, caused Johnson’s Rifle not to be selected. Despite this, Johnson did make modifications to stop accidental discharges and was able to market his Rifle to other Nations. Weighing 9.5-pounds, The Johnson was chambered to accept the 57mm Mauser Round. It had a maximum effective range of 1,100-yards. It used a 10-round ammunition clip. Making it’s way into The Chinese Army during World War II, The Johnson would also become the primary weapon of The Army of South Vietnam in the 1960s.