US Infantry Uniform (1965-1975)

  • Historical Clothing
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By Crusader1307

The Infantry Uniform used by The US Army at the time of The Vietnam War (1965-1975), had by design – changed little since World War II  (1941-45) and The Korean War (1950-53). Color variants and materials had. The Army adopted the color/material known as “OG 107”. Made of a medium Linen, variants of Polyester/Cotton were felt to “dry faster” (than the previous wool). It was also less prone to dry rot and mildew dew to the heat and humid conditions of Southeast Asia. Consisting of 2 components (a Shirt and Trousers), The Shirt consisted of twin Front Pockets with buttons. The Shirt Front likewise used hard plastic buttons (sewn). Longsleeved, they could be “rolled” for hot environments. The Trousers were of 4 pocket design (2 Front, 2 Back). They used a Brass front zipper and button for closure. The Cuffs were fastened with cloth covered rubber bands  (gathered about the top of The Boot). These were called “Blousers”. A belt around the Waist was made of Black cloth webbing, fastened (at first) by a Brass Buckle (later by an open faced Metal one). By 1967, The Army developed The “Jungle Fatigue”, which was a light-weight material that featureday 4 Front Shirt pockets (angled), with large side pockets (2) on each leg. These pockets would become known as “Cargos”. The Jungle version was typically only worn while a Soldier was stationed in Southeast Asia  (although Special Operations Forces wore them always). The standard color of the Uniform was Olive Drab or “OD”. The Army’s practice of using brightly contrasting colored Patches for Unit Affiliation, Rank (Enlisted) and Specialty Training Qualification Badges, were done away with during The War. It was felt that the contrasting color made a Soldier or Officer more of a target to Enemy Forces on the battlefield. This lead to a Military style known as “subdued”. Thus was done by creating a combination or fusing of Black and OD colors on all such Uniform devices. This Uniform would become standard for all Branches of The US Armed Forces. The US Army used various types of footwear (Boots, as previously discussed), with this Uniform – as well as various Combat issued Load Bearing Equipment. This initial Uniform would contine in use until the mid-1980s, when basic Camouflage pattern became the norm. The OD Uniform can still be found in use in some Countries today.