US Grumman FF1 ''Fifi'' Fighter Plane

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By Crusader1307

First produced and deployed in 1932, Grumman’s FF-1, nicknamed The “Fifi”, was the first Aircraft Carrier based Fighter to feature retractable wheels. This was revolutionary in that most Aircraft had fixed wheel systems. This lead to the ability for better maneuvering and storage on the early US Navy Aircraft Carriers which were beginning to be constructed in the 1930s. The FF-1 also featured an enclosed Cockpit with a moving canopy. Although a Bi-Plane design, The “Fifi” was a very effective Sea borne Fighter Plane. Popular internationally, Canada purchased them (“Goblin”), as did Spain (“Delfin”). Specifically designed for The US Navy, The FF-1 was first deployed as a Scout Plane with the USS “Lexington”. It became the primary Naval Trainer for The Service. (8) variants were constructed between 1932 and 1936 for use. Crewed by 2, The Grumman FF-1 was 25-feet long with a wingspan of 35-feet. It was powered by a single Wright Cyclone Radial Engine, capable of 700-HP. It’s maximum airspeed was slightly over 200-mph. The aircraft had a 22,000-foot operational ceiling. It was armed with twin Browning 7.62mm Machine Guns and could carry a single, 100-pound bomb. The FF-1, while being replaced due to the rapid advances in Aircraft technology, would remain a Trainer well into 1942, with some examples still in the air by 1959 in some Nations.