US Grumman F-9 ''Cougar'' Fighter Jet

  • Cold War
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By Crusader1307

The Grumman F-9 ''Cougar'' was a Fighter Jet developed for The US Marine Corps. and US Navy. A Carrier-Based Fighter, 2,000 were produced for deployment. The ''Cougar'' was seen as a replacement for The F9F ''Panther''.


Deployed in 1952, but not sent to The Korean War, The F-9 was seen as a smaller, more agile swept-wing Fighter. The first Squadrons were sent to The USS ''Yorktown'' Carrier Battle Group. During The Vietnam War of 1965-1975, ''Cougars'' were launched from many South Vietnamese Bases. The ''Cougar'' would be removed from Service in 1968 with The US Navy and Marines. Most were exported to The Argentine Air Force.


The F-9 was Piloted by (1). Measuring 41-feet in length with a swept-wingspan of 35-feet. They were powered by (1) Pratt & Whitney J48 Turbojet Engine. This was capable of producing 7,250-IBF Thrust. The ''Cougar'' could achieve an airspeed of 650-mph.


Armament included (4) 20mm Auto-Cannons. Missile packages varied with (6) 127mm Rockets, (4) AIM-9 ''Sidewinders'' and the ability to carry (2) 1,000-pound Bombs.