US Grumman F6F ''Hellcat'' Fighter

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By Crusader1307

The Grumman F6F Fighter/Bomber  (nicknamed "The Hellcat"), was first produced in 1942 for The US Navy and US Marine Corps, for use in The Pacific Theater of War against The Japanese. Envisioned as a replacement for The Wildcat Fighter, The F6F was made in both fixed wing and retractable designs. It was used primarily as an Aircraft Carrier deployed asset.
The F6F was 35 feet long with a 42 foot wingspan. A single-seat Fighter, it was armed with wing mounted Browning. 50 caliber Machine Guns. It was also capable of carrying up to 2,000 pounds of munitions. It was capable of an airspeed of 376 mph. The Hellcat had one of the highest kill ratio levels of Pacific air fighters, with close to 5,000 confirmed enemy Planes destroyed (1942-1945). It had an operational ceiling rated,at 38,000 feet. The Hellcat would continue as a Naval combat trainer until 1947.