US Grumman F-14 ''Tomcat'' Fighter Jet

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By Crusader1307

Developed in 1970, as a result of ''lessons learned'' from Soviet MIG encounters, The Grumman ''Tomcat'' was a variable, swept wing Fighter of the late Cold War Era. The Fighter was one of the first replacements for the iconic ''Phantom'' Fighter Jet of The Vietnam War. Deployed with The US Navy as a carrier-based Fighter, The F-14 incorporated The Navy's most advanced Electronic and Counter-Electronic Avionics Systems and were also modified for precision ground attack Missions. They were retired by The US Military in 2006, with many being exported to other National Air Forces throughout The World. Crewed by (2), The ''Tomcat'' is 63-feet in length with a variable wingspan of 64-feet (extended) with an attack configuration of 38-feet. Powered by Twin GE F110 afterburning turbofan Engines, each produces 29,000-IBF Thrust. Airspeed is rated at Mach 2.34 (1,544-mph). Mission Range is 1,800-miles with an operational ceiling of 50,000-feet. Armament varies greatly. The F-14 can support (1) 20mm ''Vulcan'' Gatling Gun, (28) LAU-10 Rockets and a variety of AIM Munitions packages (configured in twin packages, totaling 6 Missiles). The F-14 can also support a variety of Precision Guided Heavy Ordnance (such as The ''Paveway''). No Tactical Nuclear Devices are carried.