US Grumman C2 ''Greyhound'' Cargo Plane

  • The Vietnam War
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By Crusader1307

The Grumman C-2 ''Greyhound'' was a popular Support Cargo Aircraft, used by The US Navy. Introduced in 1964, The C-2A Model is still in Service today. The original C-2 is both a Ground and Carrier-Based Aircraft. The ''Greyhound'' saw some service during the mid 1960s in The Vietnam War, later Operation: ''Desert Storm'' and Iraq War. After many decades of service, The ''Greyhound'' is slated for retirement in 2024.


The C-9 maintains (4) Crewmen. Measuring 57-feet long with a wingspan of 80-feet, The C-2 is powered by (2) Allison Turboprop Engines that produce 6,800-HP total. Rated at 400-mph, The ''Greyhound'' has a 1,500-mile Mission range with an operational ceiling of 33,500-feet. The C-2 can carry 10,000-pounds of Cargo or 26-Passengers. No Armament is carried.