US ''Great Cross'' Flag

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By Crusader1307

With the start of The American Civil War  (1861-1865), Patriotism on both sides (Union and Confederate), was at an all time high. In The North, this Patriotism was externalized in the manufacture of National Flags. Mostly unauthorized - but nonetheless important for morale, many of these Flags were used in battle as well. The "Great Cross" Flag was a popular type of National Flag used from 1862 until 1864. Based on the traditional "Stars and Stripes" design of 7 Red and 6 White Stripes, it featured the required Upper Left Blue Canton. The Star configuration  (34 non-seceded States), were arranged in 4 groups of 5, each occupying a corner of The Canton in the shape of an impromptu "cross". The center held a final group of 5. Dividing each space between the grouping were 4 Stars.