US GD F16 ''Fighting Falcon'' Fighter Jet

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By Crusader1307

A primary Fighter Jet with The US Air Force, The General Dynamics F-16 ''Fighting Falcon'' (aka ''Viper'' by American Pilots) is one of The World's most deployed Fighter Craft. (26) Countries Air Forces use The ''Fighting Falcon'' or one of it's (30) Variants. Deployed in 1978, The F-16 was developed as a Day Superiority Fighter. The ''F-16'' replaced a wide variety of 1960's Fighters (outdated). Highly maneuverable and able to support a large collection of Missile packages. The ''Fighting Falcon'' uses some of the most advanced Electronic components for a variety of Missions as well as some of the most advanced Avionics. A non-swept wing Fighter, The F-16 is Piloted by (1). They measure 50-feet in length with a 33-foot wingspan. Powered by (1) GE F110 afterburning Turbofan Engine, capable of producing 17,155-IBF Thrust. Some other Versions support Pratt & Whitney Engines. Speed is typically Mach 2 (1,320-mph). Mission Ranges are 340-miles with operational ceilings at 50,000-feet. Weapons packages are varied, but include – (1) 20mm ''Vulcan'' Auto-Cannon and can support a wide variety of Air to Air, Surface to Air and ''Specialized'' Ordnance Packages – to include Tactical Nuclear Devices.