US Fairchild C92 ''Packet'' Cargo Plane

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

The US Fairchild C-82 ''Packet'' was a Multi-purpose, Cargo Plane used by The US Army Air Force during World War II. It was deployed rather late in The War (1944), but would go one to serve in the US Air Force when that Branch was created from The Army Air Corps. In 1947. The ''Packet'' was designed for Cargo transport, but on a few occasions, it was used by Paratrooper for deployments. After The War, with the beginning of The Cold War, The C-82 was used to transport and air drop construction equipment into a cut-off City of Berlin (The Berlin Airlift).


The C-82 was crewed by (3) and was 77-feet long. It's wingspan was 107-feet. It was powered by Twin Pratt & Whitney R 2800 Radials, with each capable of over 2,000-HP. The airspeed of The C-82 was 248-mph with an operational ceiling of 21,000-feet. The ''Packet'' could support 60,000-pounds of cargo. It featured no offensive or defensive weaponry. Many C-82s would go into Civilian Air Transport Service in the 1950s. Several Foreign Nations also purchases War surplus C-82s for their Air Forces, with most being retired in the 1960s.