US Fairchild AU23 ''Peacemaker'' CS Plane

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By Crusader1307

The Fairchild AU-23 ''Peacemaker'' was US Air Force close support plane, used in the later years of The Vietnam War. First introduced in 1971, it was in fact a modified Pilatus Porter PC-6 Civilian Airplane (widely used by Commercial and Private Pilots). A cheaper yet effective Gunship was needed for a War in Southeast Asia which was ''winding down''. The need for the more expensive Fighter Jet was becoming much more cost prohibitive to operate in a rather ''unpopular War''. The need for ground support was still needed. Gunships were seen as a major ''filler'' for that ''gap''. The Fairchild Aircraft modified ''Peacemaker'' was but one of several single engine, prop driven aircraft used by The US Air Force for close ground support in The Vietnam War. These were cost effective aircraft that were well suited for their role. The AU23 was Crewed by (3). They were 37-feet long with a wingspan of 50-feet. Powered by a single Garrett TPE-331 Turboprop Engine. Airspeed was rated at 170-mph. The operational ceiling for The ''Peacemaker'' was 20,000-feet. The AU-23 could carry in Transport configuration was (5) Passengers or (3) Wounded Soldiers (stretchered). Armament varied. Standard was (1) 20mm Cannon, (2) 7,62mm Mini-Gun. (4) 2.75-inch Rockets (wing mounted). A wide variety of Missile and Rocket configurations could be placed with The AU-23, including Napalm Munitions. Most AU-23s were exported to The Royal Thai Air Force in 1975.