US Douglas F6D ''Missileer'' Fighter Jet

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By Crusader1307

The Douglas F6D ''Missileer'' was envisioned as a US Navy Fleet Defense Fighter Jet, first proposed in 1959. Seen as being a Fighter capable of being deployed for long periods (and maintain a 100-mile operational Mission Range). Limited Air Combat abilities plus speed issues (subsonic), The ''Missileer'' Program was canceled with only (2) prototypes built. The F6D was to be Crewed by (3). Measuring 54-feet in length with a wingspan of 70-feet, The F6D was powered by (2) Pratt & Whitney TF20 Turbofan Engines – producing 10, 200-IBF Thrust. The rated airspeed was 545-mph. The primary armament (as the Fighter was called ''The Missileer'') – were to be Air to Air Missiles. (6) AAM-10 ''Eagles'' were underwing mounted (3 per wing).