US Douglas F4D ''Skyray'' Fighter-Interceptor Jet

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By Crusader1307

Deployed with The US Navy and Marine Corps. in 1956, The Douglas F4D ''Skyray'' was a Cold War Era, Carrier-based Fighter-Interceptor Jet. The Class of Fighter set the absolute Speed Record of over 752-mph at one point in it's Service history. Engine issues (stability) would prove it's undoing, with canceling of The ''Skyray'' procurement Program in 1964. (4) variants went into service with over 400 Models deployed. The Fighter did not see active combat. The F4D was piloted by (1) and was 45-feet long, with a swept-wingspan of 34-feet. Power was provided by a single Pratt and Whitney J57 Afterburning Turbojet Engine – capable of producing 10,500-IBF of Thrust. Rated airspeed in conventional thrust was 735-mph. The F4D had an operational ceiling of 55,000-feet. Armament included (4) Mark 4 Cannon and a variety of Missile Rocket deployment Packages (19 Rockets or 4 AA Missiles).