US Douglas C-47 Cargo Plane

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By Crusader1307

The US Douglas C-47 ''Skytrain'' (aka ''Dakota'') – was a primary Cargo and Troops Transport Aircraft, used during World War II. The militarized version of The Civilian DC-3 Passenger Plane, The C-47 would be a long lasting component for The US Armed Forces and Her Allies. Over 10,000 Production Models were deployed. First flown in 1941, the last Service version flew (South Africa) in the 1980s. There were further as many as (25) variations on The Class. Crewed by (4), The C-47 was 64-feet long with a Wingspan of 96-feet. Power came from (2) Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp, 14-Cylinder Engines – capable of 1,200-HP each. Rated Airspeed was 225-mph. Operational Ceiling was rated to 27,000-feet. The C-47 could range to 4,000-miles. The C-47 could support 30 Soldiers in full equipment or 26,000-lbs. of Cargo. The Aircraft had no defensive armament.