US Douglas BTD ''Destroyer'' SR Bomber Plane

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By Crusader1307

Fielded in 1944, The Douglas Aircraft Company's ''Destroyer'' was seen as a viable rival to several then US Torpedo Dive Bomber Classes of Fighters. Marketed to The US Navy, only (30) were ever produced and none saw combat (due to the course of The War changing with the dropping of plans to invade Japan in 1945). The ''Destroyer'' would serve as a design Model to The Douglas Company's later ''Skyraider'' Fighter. Crewed by (1), The BTD was 40-feet long with a wingspan of 50-feet. Power was provided by a Single Wright ''Cyclone'' 18-cylinder Engine – capable of 2,300-HP. Airspeeds of 340-mph were standard, as was the Operational Ceiling of 24,000-feet. Mission Ranges were up to 1,400-miles. Armament included Twin 20mm Cannon and the ability to deploy with up to 1,900-lbs. Of Bombs or Torpedoes.