US Douglas A20 ''Havoc'' Fighter Plane

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By Crusader1307

First developed in 1939 by The Douglas Aircraft Company, The A-20 “Havoc” was envisioned as a primary “Light Attack Fighter” that could also serve as a Medium Level Bomber. Over 7,000 of The A-20 were produced until 1944. The A-20 would go on to become a principle Light Bomber used by Great Britain, France and The Soviet Union during World War II.
 Most A-20s deployed by The United States Army Air Corps. During World War II – was in The Pacific Theater. They were very effective in their usage against Imperial Japan during The Allied “Island Campaigns”. Crewed by 3 Men, The “Havoc” was 50-feet in length with a wingspan of 60-feet. It was powered by Twin Wright Radial Engines, capable of 1,600-HP. The Operational Ceiling of The A-20 was 23,00-feet. Her armament was (6) Nose Turret mounted 12.7mm Machine Guns, (2) Dorsal Mounted 12.7mm Guns, an (1) 12.7mm placed inside the Bombay Doors (unusual for weapons placement at the time). The A-20 could support 4,000-pounds of Bombs. Only (6) known fully function survivors exist, with many far-worst wrecks still being discovered in the Jungle recesses of The Pacific.