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By Crusader1307

The US Department of Homeland Security was created in response to The 9-11 Terror Attacks in 2001, against The United States. Formed in 2002, The Department is actually composed of many separate Departments which deal with Internal National Security issues. They were ''brought together'' in 2002. In addition to Anti-Terrorist Duties within The US, Immigration and Customs as well as other Agencies now fall into The Department. Although separate Agencies in their own right – The US Coast Guard and Secret Service too provide Services to The Department.


In 2002, it was determined to identify The Department with it's own set of Colors (Flag). Originally, The Center Seal was that of The US Presidents Executive Office – of which The Department was originally under. The Flag itself is a Light Blue Field (the color being officially known as ''Homeland Blue''). The new Seal (created in 2003) – is a White Circle with The Department's name in Blue (surrounding) an outlined Federal Eagle and Shield. The Flag is flown from any Building under Department Control. In cases were another separate Department is attached, that Agency can fly The Homeland Security Flag as well.