• Cold War
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By Crusader1307

The Control of Electromagnetic Radiation (also known as ''CONELRAD''), was an early Cold War Nuclear Attack Warning and Monitoring System – designed to warn The American Public. It was instituted by US President Harry Truman in 1951. This Plan was used when ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) became the dominate weapon over Long Range Bombers (regulating them to a ''Secondary Strike'' Mode).


Broadcasting Atomic War information in the 1950s and 1960s was based on Civilian Radio sets. Although Television was becoming dominate, The US Government still relied on Radio. CONELRAD could be broadcast on specially assigned AM Radio frequencies when needed. In fact, many Civilian purchased Radios and portable versions, were ''marked'' with red indicators of ''where'' to turn to a CONELRAD Broadcast. Even private automobiles with Radios had CONELRAD markings placed by ''The Factory''.


CONE:RAD was designed to give The American Public ''warning'' (15 to 30-minutes) of an impending Nuclear Attack. Additionally, ''after the fact'' information concerning radiation ''movements'' would be broadcast. Yearly ''tests'' were announced to make sure CONELRAD was functioning. On several occasions however (1959 and 1971) accidental ''Alerts'' were broadcast (causing undue panic).


CONELRAD would be eventually replaced by The Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) in 1971. This System concentrated more on Television transmissions and less on the declining AM and FM Radio frequencies. This too would be replaced to the current US Alert System known as The Emergency Alert System (EAS) in 1997. In addition to War Information, EAS is used to broadcast vital information concerning Natural disasters (Storm, Flood, Fire and Earthquake etc.)